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Split System Air Conditioning Melbourne

Why Choose to Install a Split System in Melbourne?

Split systems are ideal for heating or cooling smaller spaces in Melbourne, such as individual rooms or areas in your home. When thinking of systems for commercial heating or air conditioning, split air systems may be the best choice for your small business. With this system, there is the added benefit of filtration when cooling and warming. Air filters and other airborne particles are removed from the air as they pass through the machine. If you are someone with allergies, split systems can also be the best option for you. Our engineers can help find the best option to suit you by providing a free personal phone consultation.

The split system air conditioners are comprised of two units the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The indoor unit distributes the air while the outdoor unit performs the main heating and cooling functions. This allows for minimal disruption to businesses during installation and service.

Choosing a Residential Split Systems

Whether your heating and cooling a singe residence or a home with 5 bedrooms a split system is the right choice. Keep your energy costs down and reduce your gas bill by installing a spit system at your home. Ask our installers to help you choose the right energy efficient air conditioning system for your needs.

When choosing the right system to suit your needs consider Wi-Fi, remote control to operate your system when away from home. Keep your home warm or cool so that you are always in a comfortable environment.

If you’re air conditioner is over 5 years old and has not been serviced or maintained it is likely not efficient. Modern spit systems are more efficient, have lower running costs and have built in HEPA filters to reduce dust, clean the air and minimize allergies such as hayfeaver symptons.

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