Air Conditioning Installation Melbourne

Daikin Air Conditioning supply & installation Southerland Shire Sydney & Melbourne

Air Conditioning Installation Melbourne

Having a warm home is one of the greatest things about coming home in winter. We have a wide-range of heating options including electric, split-systems, hydronic heating, or gas log fires. All Installations are expertly carried out by our in house technicians to ensure you get the best designs and options for your needs.

Cool Control has provided residential and commercial heating in Melbourne for several years and has been a leader in the industry in terms of quality products and exceptional service.

Air Conditioning Installation Melbourne

Cool Control can supply and install leading Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners in your home or office. These are the best of the best air conditioners available in Australia, recommended by the Consumer Watch Group. If you are sick of being cold in winter and hot in summer, look no further! These energy efficient, technically advanced air conditioners are the best on the market so you can be sure you will no longer have to worry about the temperature while you are inside. We can supply and install air conditioners for all residential and commercial projects within Melbourne. We also supply a range of Daikin air conditioners if you prefer this brand. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team members today to find out more!

Cool Control will run through the entire installation process with you prior to the installation. Our well trained team of air conditioning installers will always lay drop sheets before beginning an installation to ensure your home remains as clean as possible. After we clean up any mess left over from the installation, our team will walk you through how to work your heating, cooling, or split system air conditioner. While all our products come with extensive manuals, having an expert explain your system personally will help you get the most from your new heating or cooling system.

We offer extremely dependable service, as our team of experts are always on call and offer 24-hour service. Additionally, we only install high-quality brands and therefore only extremely high-quality labour when it comes to installations. For your satisfaction, all of our parts are backed with a 5 year manufacturer warranty and we have a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.

Hydronic Panel Heating Systems Melbourne

Hydronic floor heating can be a healthy, energy-efficient, and affordable method to heat your home or business in Melbourne. It will warm your home using radiant heat, proving to be much more efficient than ducted systems. This radiant warmth is provided by hot water which is heated by a boiler and pumped into tubing in the floor or panel.

Hydronic heating systems are healthier, have lower running costs, have individual room temperature control capabilities, are versatile, and are silent. They are also the only allergy-free systems on the market. Since they do not circulate air, they have always been the preferred choice for the health industry. The biggest advantage of hydronic panel heating systems is that they provide savings on long term costs. Their reduction in ongoing costs makes them the ideal heating solution for your home.